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Learn to eat healthier food without having to spend more money or time.

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How are my programs different?

Win the mental game.

Learn to enjoy healthy eating without needing an iron discipline. This is the secret eating well without relying on motivation.

Create lasting change.

I'll change the way you think about food so you don't have to worry about counting calories or relying on meal plans.

Make progress every day.

I drip feed my content each day so it's not overwhelming. Spend just 5 to 10 min per day, 6 days per week.

"This journey has been amazing. I have always entered into programs with such energy but, after the first week or so, fail as the routine and boredom of it settles in and life getting in the way makes for a convenient excuse. This time I wasn’t asked to drop everything and change every inch of my diet and lifestyle in one fell swoop. It was gradual, changing something every week made it manageable and easier than it has ever been for me. It has given me a new lease of life and a way to live that I can and will continue to sustain. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

- Rachel

"I could write a novel about how great this program is... it's been so fabulous doing it and learning new things! I came into the program focusing so much on what the numbers on the scales were and concerned only with changing that number. What I came away from this program with was so much more than that and I can truly say I feel so much better for it!"

- Sami

"I can’t believe that my six weeks have come to an end 🙁 I have gained so much knowledge around nutrition and how to feed, nurture and look after my body. Receiving the daily emails was a fantastic way to learn and change my mindset."

- Wendy

"Before I started this program I was stuck, constantly eating junk food. Through this program I learned that changing my mindset is the key to changing my ways. This program has taught me so much but most importantly I've learnt that I am a priority. Now I make time for myself by exercising and fuelling my body with the right food. The program is great because you don’t get overloaded with information all at once. Instead each week you learn something new. All I can say is just give it a go, it might just be the change you’ve been looking for 😉"

- Jacinta

"This program felt like I had my best girlfriends cheering me on every day. The vibe is so positive and uplifting and the process is packed with so much info that I feel better equiped to make healthy and genuinely delicious food choices. I loved that losing weight was hardly mentioned and the focus was on nourishing your body with fuel that will make you feel amazing. Can’t wait to do the program again!"

- Steph

"My favourite part of this program is the ‘LEARN’ section. It is filled with SO much educational, but easy to understand, information. I really enjoyed this and learned so much! I have gained self-confidence and uplifted my overall wellbeing. I don’t weigh myself but just from the way my clothes feel and how I look.. I am a lot more toned! Yay! Love that this program is focused on general wellbeing and happiness and that there is just as many mental changes as there is physical. THANK YOU XX"

- Alice

"Thank you so much, this program has changed the way I look at food completely! I no longer feel like I want to have junk food, it doesn’t taste that great and I’d rather have something fresh, I’ve made myself or a healthier alternative if I’m eating out. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to focus on their eating habits and make some changes mentally. It actually helps you to change the way you look at food rather than just following a program and ignoring those other important changes!"

- Gemma

Programs and Products

Sneaky Nutrition Reset

My 6 week program to reset your nutrition, your body, your habits and even your palate! 


Sneaky Nutrition Refresher

Sneaky Nutrition Reset alumni will be able to do a refresher course. Coming soon.


Sneaky Recipes

All the recipes from Sneaky Nutrition Reset in one convenient eBook. Coming soon.


New products and programs coming soon!

I'm working on my recipe eBook and other online programs. Please let me know if you're interested to hear about these!

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